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Saturday, April 21, 2018

My first day hiking

I did almost 7 miles in Siedman Park and there are marked trails taking you 5 miles around the perimeter which is 2 miles x 1 mile and there are obstacles between you and the path and the postings that you mark on the map they give you topography map but on there is some discussion as to whether the one from Kent Park compared to one that we would get from a like Gaia software which I did purchase today there was a point where we couldn’t cross a swamp or chose not to and had a backup a distance and go around through more boorish where would’ve been better choice to have stayed on the trail all the way but we decided to give it a try to go directly and that perhaps a swamp swampy area wasn’t too bad because there had been so many areas where there was from a dried up water crossing so we didn’t expect that had been too wet there but the there were several times we had him I’m you don’t track over some logs in a waterway and I chose to go side to side step instead of forward step off a lot better about that and you know just keeping my eyes open around me I was with three other people that were on to her pretty young and then one a woman was closer to my age and so I kinda stay close to her and she she was had taken several orienting typography orientation compass classes and trainings so on my signature but I in also cut my eyes open because sometimes I could spot a crossing or way down or wake up there was going to be easier for me and all I was wearing new distance contact lenses so that was a factor and their good ones I’m real happy with my choice I went down the hill on my rear twice once that was the choice to go down there was a lamb for the straightaway and assigned a kind of coast along with using my left hand and that is a real and that was the easiest way to go down that hill but then the second time I was I thought I could move around but then I landed on my butt and slid down so I was okay I was glad that my shoes I went and got the wider rather than the medium with just because as wanderlust says it does seem that you’re on feed probably will grow larger and mine already wide so and and these great hiking socks that I’ve got a all my other shoes are a little tight with them on some but these are not I got absolutely the right size for my shoes and really good socks from Amazon and my feet were a miraculous Nigeria which in in a completely coat them with my staff that I make wearable staff all before open my pants on this morning I did my feet totally added my calves and ankles and I did my knees and I think I was a factor in it did take some my CBD oil by mouse before I left so I was prepared and I had originally thought that I would just go perhaps to the first three markers and then I would turn back five depending on how I felt but on in RIA didn’t half waiver for a second at the 3rd mile marker no by the sixth and seventh I knew I was closer to finishing it then and I’ve got this determine spirit to that says I want to finish what I complete so I did continue on and I had to shift my focus because I was focusing too much on how my feet felt and for two mostly because I was looking down I was watching the trail because I do my trip over anything but I decided to lift my gaze a little higher keeping I glancing down but further ahead on the trail then directly down and by shifting my focus barley was more observant about trees and clearings and upcoming hills and where we were in relationship to creeks and natural landmarks so is pretty interesting it’s you and you and I deftly want to be looking out of the view not my feet and so whenever I feel a twinge or something start to hurt I would just focus elsewhere and then the one mantra that seem to keep coming to me as trees are love and loving I don’t remember now what was on treason my friend that’s what West trees are my friend and so I would kind of use those I did have a tracking poll I had brought my any and I brought my umbrella by left the car I did not go back for so I had one tracking poll and I was glad to have that that deftly made a lot of difference okay thank you so tracking poll and then I’ve also started my notes on iPhone so that I the things I thought of today that I needed there were also things that were on wanderlust list of gear and on you know but that really I miss today just on a day hike and so since I’m going another day hike tomorrow but only a mile and a half and it’s only 35 minutes from the house and it’s all women who are slower paced so you know I could’ve gone slower today but I had made a decision to keep up with the group and so for me it was not working my feet as much because they’re not as flexible in the shoes but I was more using my core to propel me for faster forward on not so I was gonna hurt but I didn’t hurt me and it was was a comfortable pace

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Handcrafted Cloth Art Dolls

For Christmas Presents this year I made dolls for my grandchildren, great-grandchildren, daughter, daughter-in-law. I've got a few more in the works. Everyone loves them and I love making them.

I've got loads of crafting supplies to put together various fabrics, colors, hair designs, jewelry and socks. I'm just getting creative since my left brain decided to go on vacation. Who knows how big this will grow. I'm having a blast. Look for more to come.

I'll work on adding more pictures and details about my process over the next few weeks. All art work is original by me, using acrylic paints. Pattern for Heart shaped body was original too. Just the socks were purchased.

Monday, December 18, 2017

It's about time

So much has happened since my last post. To begin with, the Android tablet I'm using this morning doesn't complete words for me like my iPhone texting software.  Obviously I'm spoiled.
I would like to get Dragon Voice Recognition software installed on this device but my technical skills and comprehension have not yet returned since auto accident and traumatic brain injury in September.  The good news is that I'm beginning to be able to think again and see beginnings of improvement. I feel hopeful of a full recovery.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Painting the Furniture, Start Model for Mama

This was pretty fun - These pieces were kits I found up in Holland for the rocking chair, stool, table and lamp and bible. The crib was from Michaels. I painted and decorated and made the mattress for the crib.

Notice the wire frame model for Mama sitting in the rocking chair. I molded this with jewelry wire and plan to make head and hands with polymer clay and sew clothes on the rest of her.

There is a better picture below where Mama is sitting on the edge of the table~

Framing the Dollhouse

The window trim and walls had to be painted before assembly.

Wallpaper  applied and floors stained and glossed.

They recommended taping it together before gluing walls. Good idea!

Start of the Dollhouse

I found this kit at a garage sale, I'd never put together anything so intricate before but it was only $15 and I thought it would be a wonderful, fun thing to do for my great granddaughters!

It has been fun. First I had to punch out all the pieces. There were about ten sheets of thin plywood with pre-cut patterns but I had to use a blade for some and sand them down and remember to pencil in the part number as I went along. This took about a week I think.

The finished size will be 32"H x 24"W x 17"D  Big!