Julie in Michigan

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I didn’t leave Texas yet, I’m still here in Abilene. I think there is some kind of weird psychic energy about this place that magnetizes those that step into its bounds and holds us… not uncomfortably as much as uncommonly. Dallas held me for a long time with a great social life, although it gave me plenty of room to leave and return with much travel in between. Lake Orion in Michigan definitely held me by its unique charm and beauty. Southwest Michigan retains a silver thread of connection with friendships and home to many of my worldly treasures. But, here I am, still in Abilene.

When I arrived at the end of February, I was ill. I don’t get sick very often and I really couldn’t tell you what was wrong with me this winter, other than symptoms, the overriding one being that I just couldn’t get my energy back. Dallas had finally allowed the doors to close behind me and left me free to explore other regions for a new home. I know not everyone opens the door to change as much as I do, but its part of my nature.

So, I’ve been here four months. Many things have come together for me and life is promising much sweetness. True, the times they are achanging and much turbulence is visible in the world. But I think the final votes haven’t been cast and the winds could still blow in a different direction. I’m going to remain hopeful. In the meantime, life is good.