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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Send Only Love

So important right now.

Healing Inguinal hernia with Alternatives to Western Allopathic Surgical Procedures

I received my results from the CT scan. My doctor wants me to go to surgeon, who will probably start by prescribing a Colonoscopy. I like my doc, he's a sweet guy and he probably knows me well enough by now to understand that while I do want his opinion, in the final analysis I'll do what I think is best. 

Now, my research has begun. I'm finding great but limited, information available, on those have healed this issue with Reiki, Yoga, EFT, nutrition, meditation, exercise. I'll be documenting my process on my blog. Hope y'all find it as interesting as I do. I know all the fear-factor tricks that western-medical-science believes in will be used against me. However, many of the believers have the same problem return or come back in a different form because they haven't solved the underlying problem. This is my journey. Wish me well~

Here is a link I found this morning - I'll continue to post links to blogs of those who have documented their process.