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Monday, August 15, 2011

She had flowers in her hair

The bride was beautiful with her blond hair brimming with flower petals. Her long trailing white wedding gown was accented with pale pink and lavender tie-dye, prominent in the train. The bride and groom both glowed from the prevalence of sweetness in the air.

A bounty of natural foods complimented the barbecued brisket, with a variety of colorful salads brimming with the locally grown produce which is being harvested aplenty this summer in Michigan. Sugar cookies shaped like mari-leaves were tie-dyed to match the guests.

Everyone had smiles on their faces and harmony in their hearts, fellowship was in the air, sharing and caring.

The ceremony proceeded flawlessly with hand-written vows and spectators galore, all holding digital cameras and smart phones. Without the technology, we could have been arriving in Volkswagon vans and using Instamatic cameras. Attendees were asked to wear tie-dye and bring a pot-luck dish. Most complied with the request and those that didn’t were colorful in alternative fashion!

Sitting at the long dining table of smiling faces in the most colorful attire, sharing the natural bounty, I thought for a moment I had been transported back to the sixties. It was the epitome of hippidome.