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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tickets for Graduation

I’m graduating from TWU in Texas next month. Yes, it took me a ~long~ time to get that under my belt. MBA is a nice add-on to one’s name though, don’t you think?

Due to my pending perm-relocation to the Winter Wonderland, I won’t be in Texas for graduation ceremonies. The University provides six tickets for guests.

A number of people responded to my offer of the tickets for a dollar amount. However, the University has told me that I can’t sell what I was given as a free gift. I can understand that. However, the numbers of people that are requesting my tickets are greater than the number of tickets I have. Here’s what I will do, give them free to the person or persons who provides the best reason for choosing them.

Please post a brief response to this blog post, telling me why I should give them to you, instead of someone else.

They will be given away, I promise.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Reiki Weekend in Lake Orion, Michigan

The gathering last Sunday proved to be an eventful potpourri of unexpected delights. Our original intention was a viewing of Louise Hay’s, You Can Heal Your Life, a recent production of the Spiritual Cinema Circle, the Heart & Soul of Cinema.

However, after the deluge of raw organic vegetables with a fresh dill, ranch dressing we feasted on the main course. Four couples had brought an assortment of warm earthy casseroles with fragrant oils and herbs, crusty French bread, and a homemade berry cobbler. It was not necessarily a low-fat feast!

Following the movie I was inspired to host an impromptu Reiki circle and provide a mini level one tutorial and a reiki share. This prompted our newcomers to follow up mid week requesting enrollment in the first weekend retreat this spring.

Stay posted to learn more of their awakening to the joys of positive transformation.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Another Julie

Ok, I fell for it. Type "[your name] needs" (Julie needs) into google and get ready to laugh. I found all the other Julies with blogs and found that we're all laughing at the results. I need data protection according to the generated list, but here I am, risking it all venturing into posting my thoughts on a blog.