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Monday, October 27, 2014

Review of the Remembering Process

This fascinating book deserves all the accolades it will receive. This is an amazing book that takes the power of positive thinking and affirmations to a new level. Beyond believing that you have already received your good, this book asks you to remember how you felt when you received it.

I thought at first it might be too simple of a concept, just reaffirming that affirmations work, but it isn’t. Thankfully this book helps us to look at the total package of the affirmation we are making – the feelings, step by step and the reasons why it might or might not work. Important information for those of us who know that there is a ‘right’ way and a ‘wrong’ way of phrasing affirmations so as to not limit us and to clarify exactly what it is that we want to bring into our lives. 

The authors, Daniel Barrett and Joe Vitale, detail how they have used the Remembering Process to create the future they desired. It was very interesting and very exciting. After reading half-way through the book I began to revision my future and take myself one step further to remember how I achieved it. 

However, what I liked most about the book was the well rounded perspective they provide, if you read the book all the way to the end. The chapter “Striking the Right Balance” speaks with us about being human and living in the reality of our physical world. They warn us to not attempt to take a spiritual bypass. What might that be? The authors tell us that spiritual bypassing is when people try to live in the spiritual world all the time, relying on just thinking or praying or ‘remembering’ to solve all of their problems for them effortlessly. In other words, the words they use are these, “it’s like a person who goes to church and prays to God to find a job, and then just sits and home and waits for God to answer the prayer. It doesn’t work that way”. We have to do the footwork, take the action, don’t just remember success but work for success and remember being successful.

Additionally the authors touched on the concept and related questions regarding attempts to control the Universe, forcing our own way, vs allowing the Universe to decide what is best for us and staying open to receive. The answer they propose is that our earthly desires are in alignment with our higher selves wishes for the best for us. Are they? I personally do not know. I know for me it is important to tag onto my affirmations my commitment to ‘this or something better is now manifesting for the highest good of all concerned’. While I think this is the intention of this section, they focus more on the concept that ‘if you want this, here’s what you’ll go through to get there’. If you follow their guidance to remember your success, hang on to your hat because the Universe will bring you all the lessons you need to learn in order to get there. You might want to say, wait a minute, I’m not ready for all that. 

But you will need to be ready. I believe we do have the power to manifest creative positive changes in our future by the power of the affirmation process, which I think this is another facet of. When we do this, we must be prepared for the changes, some pleasant, some not so much, that will be brought into our consciousness in order to bring us to the point of receiving our desired outcome… which might not make us as happy as we thought it would.

Bottom line, this is an excellent book and provides the insights and considerations that must be part of the process. Once again, I believe this is a well-rounded directive on the power of our mind and I thoroughly enjoyed the discussion on the ethics and wisdom of writing our future as if we were already past.

I did receive a free copy of this book from Hay House Publishing in order to write this review. I received no monetary compensation and was not obligated to make it a positive review. I was simply asked to give my honest opinion and this is it.