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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Review of The Real Food Revolution: Healthy Eating, Green Groceries and the Return of the American Family Farm by Tim Ryan

One fact in this book stood out above the rest for me and that was in 1920 a chicken took approximately 16 weeks to reach 2.2 pounds. Now, they can reach 5 pounds in 7 weeks.  As the author points out, this is because American farming has changed over the last several decades with small and medium scale farms being replaced by giant productions focused on increased productivity and efficiency. New farming practices with new technology have doubled milk production since 1960, tripled meat and quadrupled eggs at a rapid speed. However, the downside of this increase is that they do not supply our country with sustainable heathy food supply.  

The author, Congressman Tim Ryan, a democrat of the northeastern part of Ohio, lets us know who’s who that’s working for us and who is against us, that we need to know if we are interested in real change in the way that our country handles our food and labeling of that food. He appropriately compares the information we are required to be given with regard to automobiles, credit cards and banking but leaves us in the dark as far as how our food is processed. He also compares the way that other countries demand their food is handled and how these same standards are not required and therefore not followed for Americans.

The amount of processed foods, potato chips, quick oats, boxed cereals and prepared frozen or boxed meals with added ingredients that Americans are eating are not necessary healthy for us, they are leading to an epidemic of food related diseases including obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer.
The book encourages us to make healthier choices in our food, purchasing local and organic where possible and making some informed choices based on how animals are raised and suggesting that it might be more humane to give up meat and poultry altogether. However, if you do choose to remain a carnivore, at least look at grass fed and free range alternatives.

The Congressman encourages us to vote with our purchasing choices looking to buy fresh from local farms and leave behind the Frankenfood in the grocery stores. Big Business concerns lobby congress and our votes don’t have the impact that our buying choices do. The book provides many resources to look to for answers and grass roots efforts from organizations that are willing to help, websites and addresses are listed. 

This is an important book on an important topic. He backs up his claims with facts, figures and names names. If you are hoping to find a way out of the health care crisis facing us, this book will inspire you to get started locally.

I did receive a free copy of this book from Hay House Publishing in order to write this review. I received no monetary compensation and was not obligated to make it a positive review. I was simply asked to give my honest opinion which I have done.