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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tickets for Graduation

I’m graduating from TWU in Texas next month. Yes, it took me a ~long~ time to get that under my belt. MBA is a nice add-on to one’s name though, don’t you think?

Due to my pending perm-relocation to the Winter Wonderland, I won’t be in Texas for graduation ceremonies. The University provides six tickets for guests.

A number of people responded to my offer of the tickets for a dollar amount. However, the University has told me that I can’t sell what I was given as a free gift. I can understand that. However, the numbers of people that are requesting my tickets are greater than the number of tickets I have. Here’s what I will do, give them free to the person or persons who provides the best reason for choosing them.

Please post a brief response to this blog post, telling me why I should give them to you, instead of someone else.

They will be given away, I promise.

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