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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My new use of the library

Last night I visited the Lake Orion Public Library to return a DVD – I’m jumping out of the 24 series I’ve been viewing – too much continuous stress to watch those episodes back-to-back. I decided to find a few movies that would enable me to relax in the evening before attempting sleep.

While there I decided to browse the CDs and a Norah Jones album caught my attention. Since I have that particular item and didn’t see more in the rack under her name, I searched the online catalog.

Pleasant surprise! She’s been featured on a number of CDs, mostly in the JAZZ section, both solo and in collaboration. I borrowed five CDs and imported them to iTunes on my laptop this morning.

The experience is new to me since my quest began to utilize more services at the Public Library. I needed to find Dictionaries in the Reference Section for a class assignment. There’s a lot more than Oxford! The Lake Orion online catalog is one of the best that I’ve found in that is relatively easy to limit my search (not all libraries’ catalogs are efficient).

While I was there I also learned a professional photographer, Paula Kurzawa, will be in the library this coming weekend to provide her service for a mere $10 and the proceeds benefit the library rather than the photographer. Nice Gift.

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