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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Michigan Economic Growth Authority

A few years ago... make that a lifetime ago, I worked downtown Detroit at Michigan Mutual Insurance Company on Grand Circus Park. I was in IT, an administrative assistant, doing balance and control. Frustrated that they would not promote me to a programmer trainee position, I went to Texas where I found that opportunity. I was happy in Dallas for a long time.

Things change as they often do and I'm back. This time with twenty years of IT Consulting under my belt. However, the economy has changed, many jobs like mine were outsourced to India. I went back to school and got that degree I never thought I'd be able to earn because of family responsibilities.

In 2008 I returned to Michigan to settle an estate of my former spouse. I fell in love with Michigan all over again ... yes, even the winter weather. I've been looking for work but we all know the story on that. However, I may have an opportunity to return to my old working neighborhood! Not Grand Circus Park but the old First Federal Building, just down the street from JL Hudson's historic enterprise.

An IT firm, GalaxE Solutions Inc., contacted me for a telephone interview for this Thursday. There was a day when a telephone interview was a pretty firm bet on a start date, but as I said, times have changed.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed, saying my prayers... it's part of the Michigan Economic Growth Authority and Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC).. not sure how it all fits together, but they wanted to make sure I was willing to work Downtown Detroit? ~~Absolutely~~

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