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Monday, November 8, 2010

First Snow

Last Thursday was it. I’ve heard this is an early date for the beginning of the season but the last two winters I’ve been here I’ve had other things on my mind besides recording the date and the years I grew up here are just a distant memory. So, I’ll accept local opinion and consider it an early start.

But it’s here! I actually love the first snow. Favorite memories of the first sight of those glimmering flakes make it a great day for me. Whether I’m inside by the fire, walking, driving as I was this year or leaving the grocery store, the vision always stirs me.

The image on the right is the last snow of the year, my first winter season back in Michigan after so many years. The picture was taken in April of 2009. I didn’t know, although I really expected, it would be the last snow. But it was just so beautiful I couldn’t resist.

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