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Thursday, December 23, 2010

I want a Google Chrome Notepad!!!

Techsoup sends some great posts to me and yesterday brought a cool surprise, an opportunity to beta test Google’s new Chrome Notepad. I’ve been most happy with Chrome since installation a few months ago. I’d made the switch from IE awhile back and was trying out other browsers, but was most pleasantly surprised when I followed a friend's suggestion to try Chrome. The issues that I had were resolved, plus Chrome’s speed.

Chrome is so much faster and I like the fact that all my home pages are listed across the bar and available with one click rather than taking the time to download every one when I might not need them all every day.

Bringing up a new tab provides an instant image of all my home pages as they last appeared and a single click from anywhere will bring up one of them fresh. Now, instant web with a Chrome Notebook! Google features are listing the time from sleep to boot in ten seconds, I like that.

Everything stored in the cloud means that everything is still available no matter what happens to my laptop. No risk of data loss. As a graduate student I find classmates who email their documents to themselves at the end of every session, those who save their works in progress on a flash drive and those who actually print to protect themselves against loss of their precious work. Many have made the switch over to Google Docs so they’ve gotten used to storing their work in the Cloud.

Wireless technology means independence and the Chrome Notebook provides an always-connected situation with fast WiFi available everywhere. No more looking for hot spots, fooling with a plug-in or waiting til I get home. I won’t have to carry a phone and a laptop to have the best of both worlds.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed, pick me!! I want to beta test a Google Chrome Notebook!!!

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