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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Why Vegas?

Marc is already in Vegas. We’ve been planning to live in the same city at the same time for awhile. He’s a family member that I met about ten years ago for the first time. As you can guess we’re part of a large family, spread out across the US.

Marc’s an Artist and he’s currently working as a Tatoo Apprentice in Vegas. He’s airbrushed t-shirts for Disney and Knotts Berry Farm, murals and motorcycles. How does that tie-in with what I do? Anybody's guess and the sky is the limit. I know a little, and sometimes more, about a lot of things.

I’m going with an open mind. I truly love the nitpickyness of programming – I was a COBOL programmer in a former life and now I do websites and blog. We’ll see what happens as I get ready to depart Abilene and head west.

If you’re wondering how I ended up in Abilene, I’ll tell you that I only came for a visit since my daughter and her family are here, but she wanted me to stay. I think she was actually just going through a challenging time and it looks like that all got settled down and she and her husband are going to work things out.

I’ve been here for about 3 months and that’s long enough for me to know that I won’t get into any trouble here in Abilene and that’s just a little too peaceful for me. I spent that last two years in my home state of Michigan and before that lets just say, Dallas primarily with temporary contracts in states from Alaska to Florida.

I plan to keep you posted as I get ready to leave here in about ten days. Lots of last minute preparations and planning for the unknown.

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