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Sunday, December 16, 2012

It’s almost Christmas 2012, but before that it will be December 21, 2012. While I don’t believe that aircraft will begin falling from the sky or tall buildings will topple over due to extreme weather, I do think that some changes are on the immediate horizon.
Start with a small one, I’m going to be reviewing some books for Hay House and using this blog to post the reviews. I’ll also post to a commercial site and either Hay House or Amazon are available, probably others, but those are most familiar to me.
Tensions in the world are rising daily and I think everyone feels it. If the damn bursts in one place, it will probably serve as a catalyst for many others and while this doesn't surprise me, I’m hopeful that the peaceniks will win out and violence will be minimal.
I see many standing ‘truths’ being challenged and I think that the Internet has facilitated the mounting of a significant hurdle in spreading that awareness. One excellent example is the number of people who would still call marijuana a ‘drug’ rather than a plant, who are beginning to wake up, asking themselves ”What was I thinking?” Drugs are the little white pills made by pharmaceutical companies. The bottom line is more people are recognizing the truth of the situation.
Additionally, the truth is coming out that known facts about marijuana’s healing powers were strongly discouraged from being made public. Studies now are proving that marijuana heals cancer and many other diseases. If this gets out, which thanks to the Internet, it will, Big Pharma is going to be weakened with no prospective great increase in their earnings. They can’t patent a plant so they wish you didn't know marijuana is one.

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