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Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Way of the Fairy Godmother by Jennifer Morse

I loved this book. It came at a time in my life when I needed to hear the very words she was saying. A shift in perspective is often all that is needed to enable one to go through a stressful time.  As I read this book, it spoke to me in true tones, as if peeking into my life to see what comments would help.

As Jennifer states, “Adopting the Fairy Godmother as a personal symbol of happiness buffers us”. She buffered my reality from the stress of enduring a time where I needed to rest for a while where I was. Even though I was crushed under the weight of a failed relationship, until I was ready to pick up the threads of my life and turn my attention toward LIFE once more, I needed a Fairy Godmother to help me wait patiently until the time was right for my move.

We are all aware of the dangers of focusing on negative, stressful or unwanted circumstances that can morph our bodies and spirits. That unhappiness can create a prison of unhappiness which is never in the interest of our health and well-being. But sometimes we need to be where we are for a bit longer and bring the light of the Fairy Godmother into our room.

How do we do that? Calming and Soothing, and knowing we have power over our reactions and circumstances. We cannot let our challenging circumstances define us. Gratitude, which Jennifer calls ‘Appreciating’, is so important in the interests of our well-being. Finding some, provides us with more of it.

During this period the author calls, “The Great Silence”, it appears our efforts have been for naught, our labors fall into a void. Our hearts desires are met with silence. This would be akin to the time in which Cinderella waited for love, enduring the negativity of her stepsisters and step mother, until her Fairy Godmother came to lend a hand. A positive attitude, gratitude, a spirit of acceptance will construct a foundation upon which our Fairy Godmother can arrive.

Ms. Morse helps us construct that foundation for our own personal Fairy Godmother. 

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