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Saturday, February 2, 2013

"Once you hear the Truth, it's not going to rest...

.. until it becomes fully available in your awareness"

.. until it becomes fully available in your awareness"

I hope I can convey to you all that this little book, TranscenDancexpanded Book & Music CD Set by Michael Bernard Beckwith, provides. To begin on page one and continue to the last page is a meaningful and rewarding experience in itself. However, I will not be limiting myself to one read of this book.

This paragraph from the book so eloquently describes unconditional love: "When you're around someone who loves you unconditionally, you become aware that they have no judgment about you. You become aware that they've suspended their beliefs and opinions about anything that may have happened in your life. There are no projections going on. Your loved ones are able to see through your foibles or personality quirks, straight to the essence of your being. No matter what happens in the outside world, those that love you are able to hold the space of support, acceptance, and encouragement, seeing you at your best and highest, regardless of the situation." Not too many humans actually love unconditionally, but what Beckwith is asking us to see is "Who Loves You, baby?"

The transcriptions of the Rev's talks, as he is affectionately called, are each gems in their own right. Following in sequence, they build upon the ideas communicated in the prior chapters. The last chapter, rather than a talk is a "spontaneous, mystical flow of consciousness" with "intimate insights and revelations of his soul". The ultimate purpose is to "expand upon how the individual human spirit, living in conscious oneness with the Ineffable, unfolds the mystery, beauty, and perfection of one's divine destiny". What more you could you ask of 148 6"x7" pages?

Ah music! If you can remain sitting while listening to the enclosed music CD, you're a better woman than me. Not only does the music call to the dancer and/or foot tapper, but the words mirror the messages from the talks.

Let's talk about contributors to this masterpiece. Stephen Bray, Grammy-nominated producer, songwriter, engineer and artist with credits including well-known collaborations, including a Tony nomination for his work on The Color Purple. John Potoker is another Grammy-nominated mixer and producer for some of the best known names with many multiplatinum recording artists. Stephen Powers, Co-founder and President of Agape Media International, with credits encompassing many well known and loved artists also contributed his talents to this magnificent recording.

All songs, except the last, were recorded live at Agape International Spiritual Center in Las Angeles. On December 22, 2013 Agape hosted a PLANETARY BIRTH DAY GALA at Agape where top transformational leaders, visionaries, musicians, dancers, artists, writers, comedians, healers, shamans and practitioners joined together for an unprecedented historical gathering to culminate hundreds of `shift' events worldwide and activate extraordinary possibilities for ourselves and our new world!

Just to let you know the friends and guests that spoke at the birthday celebration; Well-known celebrities included Michael Bernard Beckwith, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Neale Donald Walsch, Marianne Williamson, Lisa Nichols, Jack Canfield, Stephen Dinan, Marcia Wieder, Rinaldo Brutico, Sister Jenna, Android Jones & Phadroid. Messages from Jean Houston, Lynne Twist, James O'Dea, Lynne McTaggart were additionally included.

This book is going to hold a permanent place on my bedside table. Starting the day with a random paragraph, holding that thought and finishing my day with another random paragraph promises my life will change for the better with the positive affirmations this book holds. I've placed the CD songs onto my car mp3 player so I can listen to these positive messages while driving with uplifting music as background.

This beautiful book was a gift from Hay House in exchange for this written review and post on julieinmichigan.blogspot.com, No requirements of a positive review were requested. Only honest criticism was asked of me.

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