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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Let’s Get Growing

Quoted from First Congregational UCC, Coloma

Blessing Our Community Garden
April 21, 2013
God bless this garden through which your glory shines 
May we see in its beauty the wonder of your love
God bless the soil rich and teeming with life
May we see in its fertility the promise of new creation 
God bless our toil as we dig deep to turn the soil 
May we see in our labor your call to be good stewards
God bless each seed that takes root and grows 
May we see in their flourishing the hope of transformation 
God bless the rains that water our efforts to bring forth life 
May we see in their constancy God’s faithful care 
God bless the harvest abundant and bountiful in season 
May we see in God’s generosity our need to share 
God bless this garden as you bless all creation with your love 
May we see in its glory your awesome majesty

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