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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rob Says

Here he is again, right on target for this week as I finalize my business plan and foresee letting someone else do the actual coding for a website I am designing.

“Some celebrities have hired ghostwriters to communicate for them via Twitter. In a recent tweet from rapper 50 Cent, actually sent by his operative Chris Romero, his fans were told that "My ambition leads me through a tunnel that never ends." I hope you won't follow 50 Cent's lead in the coming weeks, Leo -- either in the sense of hiring a ghost-Twitterer or in the sense of following your ambition down a tunnel that never ends. In my astrological opinion, you need to work on eliminating middlemen and go-betweens as you pursue your ambition through sunlit fields that lift your spirit.”


The sunlit fields that lift my spirit put me at the keyboard solving coding dilemmas. I know, I’m weird.

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