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Monday, April 6, 2009

Soap Making

It’s that time of year again - Farmer’s Markets and Arts & Craft Fairs, that is. I heard rumors, nothing positive, that Lake Orion might be hosting a FM this year. I’ve sent an email request to the Village Offices for a vendor application, just in case, but haven’t heard back yet.

I’ll be heading to Dallas in a few weeks for the final presentation in my last class, of my last semester in business school and will quickly return, loaded down with personal favorites from the storage unit and high hopes that one more trip will eliminate that monthly bill from my budget.

Soap-making supplies will be included on my list of things to remember as I load the van for the return trip to Michigan. I have plenty of space here to set up a soap-making kitchen and store the bars as they meet the curing requirement.

I’m excited about the possibility of getting back into the fun (and work) of this creative endeavor. Who knows where the trail may lead me?

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