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Friday, May 3, 2013


The forsythia is one of the first splashes of springtime color in many yards in the northern United States and has become a landscape staple throughout New England. Its bright yellow blossoms light up the yard, mirroring the golden sun above.  They provide a thick screen between neighboring yards and a secure nesting area for several species of birds. The forsythia is very cold-hardy and durable. Its prolific root system enables it to withstand droughts as well as any northern plant. To get the best blossoms year after year, however, one must know how to prune the forsythia properly.
Learn When to Prune by Observing Your Plants
Choosing the right time to prune the forsythia is the most important aspect of preserving the blossoms for the following year. If you prune too late in the year, you'll be removing next year's flowers before they have a chance to bloom. The spring-time forsythia erupts in thousands of little bright yellow flowers along the length of its branches early in the spring. The flowers come out even before the leaves do. The flowers will cover the new growth on the outside of the forsythia bush, leaving the older growth inside more bare. This gives the observant gardener a clue about when to prune. Source: http://voices.yahoo.com/how-prune-forsythia-bush-5559325.html

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