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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

This book is Phenomenal !

I love this book and will continue to use it as a resource for a long time to come. It wasn’t totally new material for me as I had taken an Emotional Freedom Techniques class (EFT) about 15 years ago after having a session with a woman in Colorado. I could see the sense of the techniques in the verbal description but didn’t find the process as beneficial as I had expected. My feelings about EFT and Tapping changed dramatically after reading this book.

Why does one person explain a process and have it make logical sense but little result and have another explain the process and experience tremendous results from putting the instructions into practice? Perhaps it has to do with timing and that I am just more ready to find relief at this point in my life than I was in the past. Whatever the reason, the book was the key for me.

The only criticism I might have of this book is that a word of caution may be in order before proceeding to work through every issue that pops in your mind over one day and clearing all the muck too quickly. You can probably guess that was my modus operandi.

I started Nick Ortner’s book with hope that I could revive and put to better use my previous training. I was ready to go to work on every issue that I could think of. With every tapping experience during this first day, I seemed to find a deeper issue to work on next. The fact that this will occur is mentioned in the book and it is possible that Mr. Ortner mentioned a word of warning about going too fast and I possibly sped through that mention.

Not that this did any harm other than I slept around the clock pretty much for the next several days, waking only to use the restroom facilities and have a bite to eat, then back to bed.

Yes, my free-floating anxiety was gone, yes; the pain in my neck was gone. True, several issues that had plagued me for a while were gone. Would I do it again, all in one day? I think I might have learned to slow down a little and spread this book over a week or two rather than eating it up in one sitting.

Enjoy~ the writing is clear and the instructions are very easy to follow.

I did receive a free copy of this book from Hay House Publishing in order to write this review. I received no monetary compensation and was not obligated to make it a positive review. I was simply asked to give my honest opinion and this is it.

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